What is meant by Philosophy and ways of Approach

Philosophy is a Greek term which literally means the achieving of knowledge at its best. Philosophy is concerned with studying perceptions, theories, articulations, problems, situations and relationship patterns.

philosophy meaning

In more context way it is the whole study of human behavior and psychology related to almost everything. Pythagoras was the one to come up with this term and henceforth explained two ways of philosophical approach.


  1. Philosophical approach deals with questioning other people’s perceptions and there are various discussions regarding anything. This approach can be seen as the most pragmatic approach.
  2. The classic philosophical approach is based on seeing the world from different perspective. It can be sometimes too good to be true. For example, philosophers taking up the topic of maintaining always a positive and harmony in society are not possible. Sometimes there are negative results and influences making it unrealistic. The rational thinking is avoided in this kind of approach.

In earlier times philosophy in simple language meant any kind of knowledge and it covered many areas like medicines, physics, astronomy altogether. It was at the time of Aristotle but then afterward it was felt that certain subjects should be studied separately. This philosophy got divided into areas such as sociology, psychology, economics etc.  Till 20th century philosophers contributed their knowledge in development as teachers, scientists, and writers. For example, any sociologist says Karl Marx studied every aspect of Conflict theory and thus helped in changing the society as a writer or philosopher.

With passing time there has been the huge development of philosophical activities. In the present time, a philosopher can be seen as people who have the ability to bring a change by writing or mentioning something on a social platform.

For example, a journalist covering the cases related to penology will be seen as the role changer of the whole case and will be serving full honesty towards his job.

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