Reflexive Sociology (Gouldner): The Coming Crisis of Western Sociology

TOWARDS A REFLEXIVE SOCIOLOGY- Sociological theory and personal reality in the coming crisis of western sociology There is a difference between the work of Gouldner as a sociologist, there is a convergence of his earlier work and the work which he has done later, for example, his thesis on modern sociology which was on functionalism … Read more

How to write Literature Review: Explained with Examples

There is hardly any topic left in this time and age that has not been researched, discussed, or written. Therefore, while computing any academic paper (such as term paper, dissertation, etc.), you will encounter multiple works along the same line. When you read these already published works and use them to further your research, that … Read more

What is an Observational Research: Steps, Types, Pros and Cons

Observational research refers to qualitative and non-experimental studies that seek to systematically observe, record, and analyse a particular society, culture, behaviours and attitudes. It is non-experimental in its observation as it does not manipulate any variables. The steps are undertaken in conducting Observation research usually include: (Bailey, 1994) Observational Research is typically dichotomized on the basis … Read more

Interesting aspects of Balochistan and Insurgency in Balochistan

Introduction: Located in the southwestern region of Pakistan, Balochistan is the largest of the four provinces of Pakistan in terms of land area. The region has a very dry desert climate and has an abundance of natural resources which has kept the Pakistani government very much interested in it. Its provincial capital and largest city … Read more

Sociological Research Methods: Qualitative and Quantitative Methods

Research methods and analysis of sociology dealt with techniques to obtain information in a vivid form. Research is carefully observing patterns for searching for new facts or terms in any kind of subject. For example, there are several research centers for obtaining new results for better performance, say Bhabha Atomic Research center which specializes in … Read more

Sampling: Meaning, Types, Factors Affects, and Procedure

Sampling is studied in the probability section of mathematics. Likewise in the research method sampling plays an important role. It is clearly evident that not whole population can be involved in any observation. Thus according to the demand and process involved, a certain amount of people are taken and it is called sampling. W.G Cochran … Read more