Patriarchy definition and meaning

Patriarchy in simple words can be defined as the dominance of patrilineal lineage in a society. The control of a clan or family is in the hands of a male body and women are kept away from decisions, control and politics of a country. For example, the monarchy always followed a king ruler but queen … Read more

Pedagogy: Meaning, emergence and examples

Pedagogy is dealing with ideation and techniques of teaching. The main concern of pedagogy lies in setting up an environment where the needs and dreams of a student are being understood by the teacher. And the teacher is also trained in such a manner that he/she delivers the best attitude towards students.  The broader sense … Read more

Patrilineal Concept: Meaning, Role in succession

Patrilineal means the male lineage system in which there is a transference of rights, property, surname, and wealth from father to coming generations. For example from ages, it has been seen that an offspring irrespective of gender takes his father’s surname. On the contrary mother’s surname is not taken for generations at a global rate, … Read more

Social pathology: meaning, emergence and reasons

To maintain positive kind of demeanor and equilibrium in society, one needs to view the negative points of a society too. Social pathology was the term introduced by Mary Douglas. Social pathology is assessing the crimes and problems origin from specific age, values and criminal history. For example, there is much crime shows running on … Read more

Paternalism: Meaning, Two kinds of it and Examples

PATERNALISM: For better functioning of society, there are certain functions and responsibilities which every person takes on his shoulder to carry. Paternalism is such an important factor in society in which a father or mother takes some of the behavioral patterns in their day-to-day life. The various techniques involved for the better functioning of the … Read more