Patriarchy definition and meaning

Patriarchy in simple words can be defined as the dominance of patrilineal lineage in a society. The control of a clan or family is in the hands of a male body and women are kept away from decisions, control and politics of a country.

patriarchy definition

For example, the monarchy always followed a king ruler but queen ruler, the reason is that society have always followed Patriarchy system. In old times, the type of governance was autocratic and coming to today’s world the dominance is seen in each and every family where the male member is the head of the family.

For example the decisions regarding education, marriage and day to day life activities expenses majorly get concerned with the male head.


Sylvia Walby gave his perspective on patriarchy as it is the basis of exploiting a woman’s rights and image by men in the name of lineage maintenance of society. Today’s world has recognized how important a home-maker is for society. Economists have shown that how efficiently a home-maker manages maximum things in minimum budget. Walby thoughts emphasized how motherhood and a woman sacrifices were neglected.

Anthropologists had different views on Patriarchy system. They took society as an egalitarian for ages but after revolutions where the roles were defined on gender basis, viz. men took the work outside the home and women took care of houses, patriarchy lineage was seen.

Another sociologist Aristotle portrayed woman character in a certain way where there is less freedom and more responsibilities of home, supporting patriarchy system of the society.

After years many sociologist worked upon Feminist theory in which there was a demand of equity between both the genders. For example a man believing that a certain thing should be done by a man only is termed as male chauvinist pig in this theory.  This theory opposed every idea of imparting dominance to patrilineal lineage.

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