Social pathology: meaning, emergence and reasons

To maintain positive kind of demeanor and equilibrium in society, one needs to view the negative points of a society too. Social pathology was the term introduced by Mary Douglas. Social pathology is assessing the crimes and problems origin from specific age, values and criminal history. For example, there is much crime shows running on the television to show the type of person being engaged in any kind of criminal activities.

social pathology examples

Social pathology is performing any act out of the courtesy which leads to a futile society and pathology is the treatment in sociology to understand the causes and precautions related to social pathology.

For instance, the murders and rapes are considered as social pathology as it is the deviance from a normal behavior.

The emergence of social pathology in theoretical aspect can be guessed by a very simple example. Suppose there is no punishment or guilty charges for crimes, for how much time the society will sustain. The society will shrink if there is no judiciary and ways to study the ways and psychology of a criminal mind. This was included as one of the branches of sociology to have a better understanding of deviant behaviors.


Inequality and Poverty are being considered as the main root of evil mind. Inequality rose from the ancient times where the power and authority were given to some people who used it to torment the society too. For example in today’s world too, an actor or powerful person getting involved in a car accident will get a bail instantly. This kind of judgment pushes society into a deep slumber of low key attitude towards the crime.

Poverty means having the deficiency of so many things which imparts a feeling of achieving everything without hard work too. For example, some of the poor people get themselves into the profession of theft to make more money. Gambling is also another example of social pathology which sometimes damages the whole family income and it encourages emotional misbalances too.


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