Concept and Examples of Peer Group And its role, Cliques, Crowd

Peer group: A society comprises of different people belonging to different age group, interest, family background, and nature. Peer Group can be seen as the small subset of this universal set of society in which people of same interest, age groups and needs are put together.

peer group and role

For example, there is a dance society in any college; the people joining this dance club should be called as Peer Group as they have something in common which binds them.these are mainly categorized as Cliques and Crowd.

Cliques are those groups which have the basis of common friendship or say interest towards each other. This group can have minimum 2 members too and largely 12-14 members too. For example, people working in same job occupation develops a bond of friendship and comes under this category.

A crowd, as the name, shows it is just a collection of people in large numbers in a disorganized way. They may or may not know each other. For example, candle marches for a cause can be termed as a crowd. The marathons arranged for a social cause comes under the crowded category.


Peer Groups influence the thinking, beliefs, and attitude towards everything in life. There is a certain age where people are influenced more by the peer circle instead of their parents and adults.

For example, if an adult wants to try alcohol, he will confide the most in the person of his/her same age group. In simple words, a child seeks the places and person which can give him the best acceptance. But this has some negative influence too. For example, drug addiction or involved in gambling is the result of bad company. On the other hand, a positive aspect of a peer group is that it teaches how to behave in public without aggressive behavior.

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