Peasant: meaning, history and their present situation

Peasant: Our society has seen class stratification and peasants were mainly in the lower class. The peasant is mainly comprised of a high percentage in developing countries. For example, India has almost seventy percent of peasants from the total population. They are mainly seen as cultivating crops and the shortage of money can pass into coming generations also.



In earlier times they were the most resources deprived person. They were under feudalism control and mainly dependent on landlords. Even in peasants, there were three categories viz. slave, serf and free tenants.

Slave and serf conditions were miserable in ancient times. They had no legal authority if something bad happens to them. They were bound to pay almost one-third of their total earnings. They paid tax in illogical situations too, for example on their marriage they had to pay tax. At the wars, manpower and their needs were also taken care of by the tax poor peasants paid. On the other hand, there were free tenants too, their condition was better than the former. They had their own lands and they were not under any control of landlords.


Coming to the present situation of the peasant, there is much development in this era. The earlier peasant was tied in their conservative ideas believing that modification will angry their god. But today scenario is that they are not ignorant regarding new developments. They apply every inch of knowledge to gain better results.

For example, now every peasant is fully aware of the type of crops to cultivate in which kind of weather and season. This increases their production rate and economic condition too. The slave serf system has come to an end and now peasant is rich too depending on their land and crops earning. Peasant play an important role because without them urban people will end up starving themselves for food.

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