Types of Religion : sacramental, prophetic and mystical

Types of Religion

Problems are universal in this world, humans are continuously making efforts to understand those problems, but there are still such problems which are still beyond the reach and thoughts. Humans can make biological reason which can explain the reasons for the birth of a human but cannot explain the concepts behind the formation of sperms, puberty, death, and many other things.

types of religion

they explained the reason of birth by a new term, It is the curiosity of a human which invented a new word, “religion”. Religion is a term which is associated with the invisible forces that are believed to exist in nature but can not be seen. These are the base of today’s caste division. This is the aspect of society which made the former golden- bird a depended country.

The existence of religion is due to the beliefs of humans. Worshipping God, lord, goddesses etc is a different aspect from that of the religion. Religion brings with it, the rules which are needed to be followed by the candidates or members of that particular religion. These rules if broken, then offenders are subjected to be convicted and are eligible for punishment.  Worship of God in Hindu and in even every religion is free from any rules, there are no conditions which must be followed while worshipping any god. Some peoples worship them as Vishnu, some worship them as Shiva, some worship them as Guru etc.

As religion is an unbroken part of society. The problem evolving from it cannot be solved by ceasing its effect on society. Religion is something which is followed by one’s own belief: it cannot be forced by someone on someone, rather can be promoted as per fundamental rights in the constitution; still, it is needed to be handled with care. It is such an important part which on being snatched brings violence.

Religion cannot be explained. Rather, it has just one definition which says it as the synonym of beliefs of people: it exists due to the presence of beliefs, its effect on society will get end when the people stop believing upon it.

Religion is divided into three parts which are termed as it types. They are:-

  • sacramental religions
  • prophetic religions
  • mystical religions

The followers of sacramental religions consider the places, objects, and actions as the house a god or a spirit which may bring happiness to them, which may eradicate bad things among them.

The followers of Prophetic religions believe the sacred or god resides no-where but their teachings are present in some holy books: gods are not needed to be worshipped but their teachings must be followed in order to follow their path, their path which they had subjected.

The followers of Mystical religions believe that God resides in oneself, everyone has god within but the one who can leave everything behind is the incarnation of God and he/she must be treated equally to a god who can bring happiness and positivity to their life.

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