Why Hindu society lacks unity – Dr. B R Ambedkar Perpective

Ethnology has witnessed various societies that have survived through the primitive and advanced times but is it just about survival or do the quality of survival matter? Caste defenders have always tried to glorify the Hindu heritage but did they question their ignorance behind unnatural discrimination with untouchables? Have Hindus ever tried to think why … Read more

Caste in India: Their Mechanism, Genesis, and Development by B.R. Ambedkar

Hindu society is defined and associated with various institutions and the caste system is regarded as one of the social institutions which have foundations of social and moral codes in the Hindu society. But there are many disparities in the understanding of caste in itself. Caste has been largely seen as a functional unit by … Read more

How to uproot the caste system in India: Solution (Short Essay)

The caste system, which can be defined as perhaps very specific to the South Asian region and specifically India which has prevailed for centuries. Scholars have often defined caste as ‘a closed class’. This definition can be understood to specifically analyse the economic dimensions attached to the sense of compartmentalisation that is present in the … Read more

INDIAN SOCIETY: Social Change and Reforms and Differences

‘The #metoo movement, the POSCO act brought in by the government, the rising tendencies of populist leaders around the world, The Independence of India, The French Revolution- are all social changes. These changes can carry values which are either binomial in nature (good or bad) or a mix of these values. Thus, we try to … Read more

Types of Religion : sacramental, prophetic and mystical

Types of Religion Problems are universal in this world, humans are continuously making efforts to understand those problems, but there are still such problems which are still beyond the reach and thoughts. Humans can make biological reason which can explain the reasons for the birth of a human but cannot explain the concepts behind the … Read more