Does god really exist ?

does god exist

In our childhood, we had curious thoughts like who creates flowers, who pours water inside the coconut, who teaches birds to fly, what causes fish to swim, why can’t humans be like birds or fishes, and much more. The usual answer to such questions was “God does it”. Then the would arise who is God? Where is He? Where do we find Him? The answer to such questions is still unknown. We don’t know where is God or where to find Him. We don’t even know if He exists.

We don’t know who He is yet we trust him. Yes, the fellow called God is the most trustworthy fellow out there. We trust Him with all our problems. We are sure one day He will solve them. When students have exams, they ask God’s help for good marks. When we fall ill, the people who care for us pray Him to cure us. When we start something new, we seek His blessings. When we are happy, we thank Him for everything. When we are troubled, we ask Him to show us the way. If we are stuck and cannot find a way out, we leave it to Him.

Seems like God is the only person we know, isn’t it? But God is not a person. He is divine. They say God is everywhere. But exactly where is He?

Yes, God exists. He exists within us. He exists in all forms. He exists in everything, everywhere. Everything we can perceive through our senses has a part of God in it. Everyone we believe in has a part of God within him. Be it living like plants or animals, be it non-living things, everything has something good, everything has a piece of God. I have a part of Him. You have a part of Him. I have faith and I have God with me.

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