Education and Inequality: AS & A Level Sociology Notes

Synopsis– In this article, the complex interplay of education and inequality has been tried to simplify. Education is a social construct which helps the society to upholds its functional value and maintains social stability within. However, social stability doesn’t imply that their exists no inequality in the society. The concept of inequality is inherent is … Read more

Education and Society – AS & A Level Sociology Notes

Synopsis– This article delves into the complex dynamicity that exists between education and society. Multifarious theories have been proposed to analyse this aspect of the inter-connectedness and it’s societal impacts. The role of education in promoting social mobility, social stability has also been discussed in an elaborate manner. Besides these, designing curriculum as a social … Read more

The American Education System: Characteristics and Role

In this essay, we will try to analyse the educational model of America and how this essential social institution has performed numerous manifest as well as latent functions in the society. The word “school” is derived from an ancient Greek word meaning “leisure”. Even though the link between these two words may seem outrageously improbable, … Read more


EDUCATION IN AMERICA It’s easy to understand why the United States has long been a popular choice for students from throughout the world. A wide range of students can enrol in flexible curricula and various higher education institutions, giving them the opportunity to focus on a range of academic fields. For kids, basic and secondary … Read more

Private, Public and Home-schooling: Which Is Better? – Essay

Education hones our consciousness. It makes us aware of our human existence, our surroundings and the questions regarding both these aspects which have plagued humans for ages. A school usually refers to education up to the higher secondary level where the basic foundation of the educative process is inculcated in students. In this sense, a … Read more