Pros and Cons of Technology in Education

Technology has introduced new teaching and learning solutions into the system. And this radical shift is now a new reality of our educational landscape. Digital technologies have not just changed but also improved the ways we teach and learn. This article aims to explore the various dimensions of the EdTech revolution. Here’s more about the … Read more

Marxist Perspective on Education – Explained with 980 Words

Marxist perspective on Education: Education is a universal phenomenon. It can exist within distinct, formal organizations like schools and colleges, but an also simultaneously exist in other forms in the confines of our home or other immediate environments. There exist multiple perceptions on education and its effectiveness in our society. An amalgamation of various social … Read more

Why do Educators need to Work on their Professional Growth?

Growth is what everyone looks forward every now and then. For parents who raise a child,  nothing can pay to their smile as soon as the baby they are holding suddenly makes gestures that signal his or her growth such as crawling, standing, and eating on their own. Those aching moments they spent watching closely … Read more