short notes on islamic religion

Sources of the Islamic religion and their secondary laws

Religion is the major thing in which every human being all over the world follows some cultural system that relates to the humanity. Islamic religion  which is based completely on the holy book “Quran”. Quran contains the set of morals and some judicial decisions which are the leading factor for the human beings.

islamic religion notes

Islam is the complete and universal method of a faith in the god as it was the final revelation of God.

Islam was historically called Muhammadanism in Anglophone societies. It’s a religious system as opposed to the theological concept of the system that exist.

The major history of the ISLAM can be moved backed to the 7th century, Saudi Arabia. Islam began as such t long where Muhammad ever walked on the Earth.  The Quran was given by the God to angels as they preach to the prophets.

There was a command in which first five verses of the 96th chapter of the Quran states that-God is the creator of the man and the sources of all the Knowledge.

The last judgment when the God will weigh the balance of the good things in his entire life and Punishing the Bad.

The trading center of the east was the Saudi Arabia the major trading center in the 6th century.

The major components  of the ISLAM are:

Tawheed:   It mainly preaches and each and every Muslim that there is only one god ALLAH and Muhammad is the last messenger.

Salaat:  Muslims pray on each and every day   5  times. While they were  praying they face  towards in the direction of the Kaaba, where it is  the holy city of the Mecca is located

Zakat: Each and every Muslim has to follow this  protocol as such he has to pay   1/40th  as a charity to the poor and needy.

Sawn:  The 9th month of the Islamic year where each and every Muslim has to perform Fasting.After Ramadan, there will be a holiday in which they visit mosque and have  a great  food along with the others

HAJJ:  The holy pilgrimage trip for each and every Muslim that each Muslim should visit Mecca the holy city of the Islam.  Financial

Stable peoples can perform the holy trip to hajj.

Quran has majorly a total of the  30 juzuks. In each juzuk, it has a subdivision of several verses, with the Beginning and ended with Surahan -Naas(humanity).It’s a duty of the every Men/Woman   who himself identifies as Muslim should understand the each and every step of the Quran and apply his daily life.

The major thing in which Quran preaches is the Sunnah, and the Hadith , which teaches the life of Mohammad’s life and the conversation of the Muslims believed what  Muhammad said…

The Quran is the designated  in the ISLAM as the guide to the all the humanity and its teachings are to be implemented …

Different designations  of the different Muslims are:

Ghayr Muqallids:  The non-denominational  Muslims who themselves called  Muslims as they do not follow any branches /protocols.

Mujahidin:  The Muslim restoration that they accept the mainstream as the ISLAM  as they prefers to be in the God’s commands and primacy issues pertaining to sharia law.

Shi’ites:  Their belief is the GOD  can appoint the prophet, he can also appoint the second leader after the prophet. Shi’a Muslims believe that the Ali as the leader of the Muhammed.

Sunnism: THEY consider the Abu Bakr to the successors of the Muhammed. They make over the 75% of the Muslims, as they wanted Islam leader should be chosen by the  Muslims world.  They are sometimes called Bukharists.

The most major thing  is the Quran  specifies the reward of the mothers get more and most respect as such the   thrice times to fathers

It is believed that the ALLAH loves those peoples who respect their wives are just best with them.

Women have a great place in the ISLAM , Quran has entitled with a chapter WOMEN  as it deals with the importance of the women.

The AL-Quran is the holy book of the ISLAM as it contains the words of ALLAH and is conveyed to the Prophet Muhammad by the Archangel jibraeel. The HOLY QURAN is the reference link which connects the humanity with GOD.

The Quran has the major messages which deal with the many kinds as such it covers the entire aspect of the Humanity and the Human creation and the existences of details beyond the Earth.


The Global population around 1.57 billions of the people around the world are Muslims. In more than 50 countries, more than half of the Peoples are Muslims. Majority of the people lives in the Asia and African countries with a percentage of 62%.Egypt and  Nigeria have The biggest living Muslim communities.

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