What is Neurosexism in Psychology? Definition and Examples

Neurosexism –The Gender Bias in Brain Science: This article explores the gender bias in the studies of the brain, and how feminism has brought under scrutiny these bigoted opinions which are very conveniently circulated as valid facts under the garb of ‘science’. Sexism is prevalent everywhere. In a world where a majority of the societies … Read more

Sociology of Education: Meaning, Scope, Importance, Perspectives

Synopsis: This article explores the discipline of Sociology of Education, a branch of the broader subject of Sociology, through its meaning, history of development, significance, differences with Educational Sociology, and scope. It also portrays how education can be examined using the three main theoretical perspectives in sociology. What is Sociology of Education? To understand what … Read more


Synopsis: This article defines social stratification and explains its characteristics. It analyzes social stratification from the three theoretical perspectives in sociology and explains the different types of stratification systems in India. What is Social Stratification? The world is a diverse place. Human society is an assortment, a heterogeneous mixture. No culture, region, or people remain … Read more

Sociology of Law: Origin, Subject Matter and Developments

Synopsis: This article gives a brief overview of the broad subject matter of Sociology of Law. By understanding how the multifaceted sub-discipline varies from the traditional approaches, exploring how sociology can be used in different ways in legal studies, and providing various modern approaches to socio-legal discourses, the article aims to explain how sociology and law … Read more