Globalization and Contemporary Issues – AS and A Level Notes

This article discusses some of the global contemporary issues, such as poverty, inequality, migration, and crime in relation to globalization. Introduction: Globalization, the interconnectedness and integration of markets, societies, and cultures, has had a profound impact on contemporary issues. As economies become increasingly interconnected, the effects of globalization are felt in various domains, including economics, … Read more

Globalization: Key Debates, Concepts, and Perspectives

Globalization Synopsis: This article defines globalization, provides some causes for the advancement of globalization, explores the different dimensions of globalization, presents three different perspectives through which the phenomenon has been examined, explores the relation between globalization and identity, and finally examines how globalization is connected to power and politics. In sociological terms, globalization can be … Read more

Theories of the Family and Social Change – AS & A Level Notes

Synopsis: This article provides an overview of the some of the theories of family and social change. It explores the roles of family through different sociological perspectives (Functionalism, Marxism, and Feminism) and explores the changing patterns of family relations and other social institutions such as marriage and divorce. Introduction             In sociology, a family is … Read more

What is Pygmalion Effect? And Everyday Examples

Synopsis: Studied both in fields of sociology and psychology, self-fulfilling prophecies help us understand how human perceptions and actions can shape other’s perceptions about themselves and direct their own actions. This article explores the Pygmalion effect with the use of some common, everyday examples. Introduction: Pygmalion Effect Take for instance that you are a student … Read more

Sociology Dictionary: 50 Definitions of Sociological Concepts

The purpose of this sociology dictionary article is for beginners and non-sociology students to start learning or begin their learning in sociology. These are the common sociological definitions that we see repeatedly in our readings. This article helps the reader understand common definitions along with their current examples. 50 Imp Definitions of Sociological Concepts and … Read more

15 Important Sociological Thinkers Quotes and Their Application

QUOTES OF 15 SOCIOLOGICAL THINKERS AND THEIR EXPLANATION AND APPLICATION IN DAILY LIFE Emile Durkheim Considered one of the most prominent figures of the functionalist perspective of sociological analysis, French sociologist Emile Durkheim is renowned for his efforts towards formalizing the field of sociology and establishing it in academia. He theorized some of the most … Read more


Synopsis: There has been a long-standing debate about whether a person’s gender is biologically-defined or ascribed to them based on social constructions. Feminist theory divides sex and gender into two distinct aspects of individuals’ identity, thereby separating the biological and the social. This article explains the difference between sex, or the biological, and gender, or … Read more