Synopsis: This article tries to provide a sociological analysis and understanding of five movies which deal with themes essential in sociology. Movies are a great way of representing our society–its functioning, institutions, and social changes. Sociology even has a particular sub-discipline focusing on film analysis. While some movies concentrate only on providing entertainment, others use … Read more


Synopsis: Although the two domains are closely related to each other, Sociology and Anthropology are two distinct fields of study. Differences that exist between the two disciplines provide them such distinction from one another. At the same time, both the subjects have much in common. This article explores the two areas of Anthropology and Sociology, … Read more


Synopsis: The BioPsychoSocial model (BPS) is an integrative approach to medicine and healthcare and is of much importance to social science subjects like Psychology, Sociology, and Anthropology. This article delves into the topic of the BPS model by describing what the approach is and stating a brief historical background to understand how the model came … Read more

What is Neurosexism in Psychology? Definition and Examples

Neurosexism –The Gender Bias in Brain Science: This article explores the gender bias in the studies of the brain, and how feminism has brought under scrutiny these bigoted opinions which are very conveniently circulated as valid facts under the garb of ‘science’. Sexism is prevalent everywhere. In a world where a majority of the societies … Read more

Sociology of Education: Meaning, Scope, Importance, Perspectives

Synopsis: This article explores the discipline of Sociology of Education, a branch of the broader subject of Sociology, through its meaning, history of development, significance, differences with Educational Sociology, and scope. It also portrays how education can be examined using the three main theoretical perspectives in sociology. What is Sociology of Education? To understand what … Read more