The Nature and Scope of Urban Sociology

We’re always told, “strength in numbers”. Have you ever wondered why? My personal take on this is that we function better when we can interact with similar beings and assess our strengths better. Humans have evolved from single-celled organisms to their current state. A huge part of why we have been able to make so … Read more

Corporate Social Responsibility : Meaning, Examples and summary

Corporate Social Responsibility: Business and social-behavior go side by side. A businessman cannot ignore the fact that he resides in a society which ultimately, supports him in surviving, more than the money he is earning from the job. This is a statement which has brought a change in the views of people. People earlier belief … Read more

Anthropology : Meaning, Definition, Introduction, Branches & Examples

The term “Anthropology” is derived from two Greek words, anthropos meaning human and logos meaning study. So, in the simplest terms, Anthropology is the study of human beings.  An anthropologist tries to study and understand everything that can be related to humans and not limited by time and space. Thus, Anthropology can be defined as … Read more

Impact of Movies on People – an account of public and culture

Impact of Movies on People – an account of public and culture Public and popular culture has profoundly created a whole new space in modern India. It engages transformation of the media and creation of wireless and electronic media along with entertainment which includes films, Bollywood movies, Tamil movies, short films, reality shows, etc. Movies … Read more

Slums: History, Characteristics, Types, and, Approaches to Slum Problems

Sociology of Slums: The study of Urban Human Settlements in the Post- Liberalization Era Introduction: The Post- Liberalization era has led to prominent changes in ecology. The world’s population living in cities and towns has grown from 5% to 50% and urbanization has been blamed for this phenomenon. This process of rapid urbanization which started … Read more

Multinational Corporations meaning and Characteristics

Multinational Corporations are the organization which operates in two or more than two countries for producing goods and services to its customers. Multinational companies are smaller packets of a parent institution which sell its products worldwide.   There are some major characteristics of Multinational Corporations:- MNC have a huge turnover because of its operation on … Read more