Analyzing the Marina in Chennai- A city of Sand

Introduction: Post the 1990’s, after the launch of economic neo-liberalization in India, a new elite middle class was formed; which guided state-led policies of spatial re-organization and purification. For a country like India that aspires to join the global network and attain a world-class status, the image of the city becomes crucial to attract capital … Read more

Japan’s Sociocultural Defense against Covid-19

ABSTRACT Several critical elements in Japan would be a barrier to getting a handle on COVID-19.   Thirty-million people live within 30 miles of Tokyo, and four million people go through Shinjuku Station daily, one of the most densely populated areas in the world.  The population density makes it ripe for this virus to metastasize uncontrollably.  … Read more

Urban Sociology: An Overview

Definition: Urban sociology is a branch of sociology that seeks to study life in cities and their impact on society’s development (“Concepts of Urban” n.d.). The scope of urban sociology includes research on urban ecology, urban organization and the mode of living of urban populations. Introduction: Urban, Urbanism and Urbanization An urban area can be … Read more

What does Gentrification mean in sociology

The term gentrification can be used to denote the various changes in the urban neighborhoods which includes economic changes due to the arrival of wealthier people such that rents and property values increase resulting in the displacement of the poor people. This process although leads to various positive changes like reduced crime rates, improvements in … Read more