Knowing Thyself during a Pandemic: A Sociological Exploration of Retrospective Narratives on Self-Knowledge in India

Abstract: The COVID-19 pandemic along with its havoc impacts on macro social institutions such as education, religion, economy, technology, etc., influenced the knowledge of self, which became a significant part of the micro experiences during the lockdown. To be specific, the prolonged “social distancing” created a rupture in their pre-pandemic busy lifestyle and gave the … Read more

Conceptualising a New Sociology of Pandemics

ABSTRACT: Over the last year, the entirety of the world was made to come to an unprecedented stand-still. Naturally, plenty of attempts have been made to understand the nuances of this event called the COVID 19 pandemic from the lens and purview of social institutions such as the scientific, technological, medical and public health entities. … Read more

Japan’s Sociocultural Defense against Covid-19

ABSTRACT Several critical elements in Japan would be a barrier to getting a handle on COVID-19.   Thirty-million people live within 30 miles of Tokyo, and four million people go through Shinjuku Station daily, one of the most densely populated areas in the world.  The population density makes it ripe for this virus to metastasize uncontrollably.  … Read more