Social Mobility: Meaning, Types, Examples, Causes, Factors, Importance

Social mobility refers to the movement of individuals or groups in social positions over time Definition: Social stratification is the system by which society categorises people and ranks them in a hierarchy. If one were to consider society to resemble the ranks of a ladder, wherein higher rungs represent higher in the hierarchy; then the position … Read more

What is Capitalism? Meaning, Types, and Stages

In terms of politics, capitalism is a socio-economic system that is based on private ownership of resources or capital. In terms of economy, capitalism becomes an economic system that is also based on private ownership just like the political one. The production and the profit gained through the selling of products ensure how the system … Read more

Relationship of Sociology with other Social Sciences

sociology and other sciences relationship

Sociology is such a vastly dynamic field, that to limit it’s definition to a few words would be an injustice to it. It is one of the several social sciences which deal with man and his activities in society; while the other sciences being history, geography, philosophy, political science, economics or even anthropology. In other … Read more

What are Social Facts? Explained

social facts-types and meaning

Emile Durkheim, a pioneer of the discipline of Sociology, from France introduced the concept of Social fact. In layman’s terms, anything that restricts the activity of the individual from outside is a social fact. A simple example would be Religion, which influences or restricts individual actions in society. Though the concept has been reasonably criticized … Read more

What is an Acculturation – Explained with Examples

It is clearly evident that many communities practice different religion and customs stay together in one country. Acculturation is a basic process in which people of different cultures meet people of different cultures. In the process of meeting them, they tend to know each other’s norms, beliefs, customs, values, and behavior. It can be understood … Read more