The relationship between history and sociology is closely intertwined. Both inquiries were taken from Philosophy mother of all sciences from which emerged sociology (Philosophy of History) history and other social sciences (Bierstedt, 1970:4). “Sociology is the science which attempts the interpretive understanding of social action in order thereby to arrive at a causal explanation of … Read more

What is Personality – Definition, Meaning, Types of Personality, Factors

“Personality” always directs the mind, towards the physical appearance of an individual. Here we are talking about something which covers not only physical but also mental and psychological aspects, something which presents you in front of the community and society. The judgment of an individual, by society, is based on its personality, so it is … Read more

Social Medicine: A complementary to Medical science 

Decades ago being sick was a medical phenomenon and no other discipline had anything to intervene there. Medical Science engrossed this field. But during the 18th and 19th century, various other discipline started to intervene in the medical field. Public Health emerged to ensure peoples health rights and define risk factors, distribution, the pathogenesis of … Read more

Relationship of Sociology with other Social Sciences

sociology and other sciences relationship

Sociology is such a vastly dynamic field, that to limit it’s definition to a few words would be an injustice to it. It is one of the several social sciences which deal with man and his activities in society; while the other sciences being history, geography, philosophy, political science, economics or even anthropology. In other … Read more