Karl Marx and Dr B R Ambedkar : Ideologies

Two of the most popular thinkers who raised their voice against the oppressed sections – socially or economically – are B.R. Ambedkar and Karl Marx. Ambedkar worked for the cause of the lower castes in the Indian context while Marx upheld the cause of the economically less powerful people belonging to the working class. Ambedkar … Read more

10 Famous Sociological Associations Around the World

Introduction Many Sociological associations around the world are dedicated to broadening the scope and subject matter of sociology. Their work to improve Sociology as a scientific and systematic study of human society. The following are some important sociological associations around the world.  List of Sociological Associations International Sociological Association Origin and activities The historical backdrop … Read more

Harriet Martineau: Biography, Works and Contributions

Harriet Martineau: The ‘Mother of Sociology’ and the Forgotten Feminist Sociologist Harriet Martineau (1802–1876), was the first woman sociologist and is also referred to as the “mother of Sociology” by many of the contemporary sociologists who are bringing back her works into prominence. Hence, although she was a staunch political, social and economical writer and … Read more

Famous American and British Sociologists – Contributions

British sociology and American sociology both are perpetuated by British and American sociologists and their theories, Both British and American sociologists were different from classical sociologists and were regarded as contemporary modern sociologists who propounded many sociological theories. Famous American sociologists Talcott Parsons and Robert k Merton Talcott Parsons contributed to the theory of action. … Read more