Understanding surnames in India: A cross-cultural analysis

Abstract: A surname is one of the most common pieces of information that we can use to discern one’s identity. However, in current times, thanks to globalisation, it is quite identifiable that certain marginalised cultures of the world are forced to present their identity to suit the patterns of dominant cultures. This idea is very … Read more

10 Famous inter caste marriages in India: All you need to know

On February 9th the Supreme Court upheld that its ‘high time’ the Indian society came to terms with accepting inter-caste and inter-faith marriages. While communal tensions have always been persistent the society is especially divided along the lines of caste which cordons off a large section of the society and hinders interaction the entire Indian … Read more


Synopsis: This article defines social stratification and explains its characteristics. It analyzes social stratification from the three theoretical perspectives in sociology and explains the different types of stratification systems in India. What is Social Stratification? The world is a diverse place. Human society is an assortment, a heterogeneous mixture. No culture, region, or people remain … Read more