Functions of the Caste System: Explained

functions of the caste system

A society which had been trapped in the claws of stratification experienced advantages and disadvantages both at the same time. The advantage was that due to the caste system peculiarity, Hindu religion saved itself from falling into the trap of changing its religion. It was a popular practice in which other religions forced people of different to change their religion. The beliefs, ideas, knowledge and skills transfer took place for generations in a caste.

caste system functions

We have seen the impact of the caste system in ancient times but the dysfunction of caste system was that it made many people of lower caste suffer a lot. Today’s world is full of technology and new ideation, thus dysfunction of the caste system and its practice is highly demotivated and many sociologists agreed that it is the root of the evil destruction of any society.

The functions of caste system were broadly affecting three major aspects of social life which is considered below:-

  1. Effect on Individual’s life
  2. Effect on community or society
  3. Effect on Social life

The effects should be cover in a detailed view to know how and where they affected society as a whole or on an individual level.

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It is a proven fact that a person caste comes under ascribed status. His caste had decided from the point he enters this world and sticks around till its death. Due to different castes, there are different ways of adaptation. Thus a person caste plays an important role in describing his habits, hobbies, interests, and occupation. For example, a Brahmin boy has seen his family members getting a bath at an early hour to perform some rituals, thus he also set this habit in his behavior. This set the pattern of social behavior of a human being.

Moreover, he knows the pattern of occupation he will be going to involve, thus he follows and observe the details regarding his occupation from a tender age.

Endogamy has been practiced from old times, thus a person knows that his/her partner will be belonging to his/her caste only. Thus, on one hand, it gave a tension free life of not thinking about this function of life but on the other hand, it withdrew the rights of a person to choose a person of his/her choice.


Communities comprised of many people of the same caste making them connected by an entity. Religion is one of the prime reasons of division and caste makes it’s an equivalent factor to divide. Caste makes it possible to keep any religious ideas and beliefs intact. For example, a man practicing azaan in mosque is driven by religious aspect, but a man offering coconut in front of god can be of any caste but the priest receiving at the end of God’s image should be a Brahmin, this factor is caste driven which is followed till date in many places of India.


Social life follows a set pattern of caste in which people are generally surrounded by people of their own caste only. So in social gatherings and meetups, caste plays a vital role. For example, when people of Indian origin meet anywhere, it is customary to say “Namaste,” but when people of foreign origin meet, it is customary to greet them with a two-cheek kiss.

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