What is the Meaning of Urban Community

Urban community is something which an individual thought as, an area with high density of population, an area with the availability of basic requirements, an area of good resources, the area has lots of opportunity of employment and such an area which can be considered as life-giving for luxurious desires of human or individual.  The word urban community has many meanings, the term ‘community’, only, denotes two conditions:

  • Physical condition
  • Social condition

Generally, by an urban area, we mean an area with a high density of population.

urban community meaning

Density is not the only a term which may be considered as a definite term to confer a name of “urban city” to the particular village, area, land, city, town etc. two main factors must be kept in mind while declaring a community as urban, i.e.

  • Absolute population: – it is an accurate numerical value with which the population of a society can be estimated or known.
  • Absolute area: – Refers to a specific, fixed point on the earth’s surface expressed by a coordinate system.

Other standards which are considered by different countries are: – presence of local authority; base of density of population and quality of population

The social condition of people in life is expressed as the fashionable living of people, the acquaintance of peoples with luxury and the fashionable life of people.

Urban lifestyle is such a style which has the effect of the act, done by an individual, on the other member of the same society; but is it true or is it not a full truth that only those, who are members of society does get affected? Or the other part of society also does get affected? Or the other societies have the effect of the particular activity? Or the rural areas are also experiencing the effects of vibes of the act of an individual?

Rural areas may get converted into urban areas. A government, taking into account the need of development, may change a society living in a rural area to such a society which is developed and educated.

Dentition of urban is not completely explainable and not much clear, but the difference between the word “rural” and “urban” is clear from the above explanation.

Rural areas differ from urban areas In many ways, such as population density, quality and educated population, institution, requirements and the availability of sources.

The areas where resources are available to get converted into a appoint of attraction and the area around the resource become an area of settlement of people and crowd. A crowd, with it, brings many needs, desires; thus, to complete the task of completing wishes and demands of an individual opportunity of employment are provided. Thus, this opportunity attracts more people.

For example – the area near gang, London, Mumbai or Calcutta; any city which is developed today, has its past like an area, considered as a rural area, shall have. Urban area’s population may possibly or with a with very small probability shall have the fee schedule, which decreases their social interaction.

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