Short notes on Poverty, Inequalities, Absolutive and Relative

short notes on poverty,inequalities,absolutive and relative Poverty is something which one can relate to “lack”.One of the great ecologist R H. Tawney also explains social inequality led to extremes of both wealth and poverty and both were dehumanizing and has compared poverty with inequality. On studying and visualizing inequality from sociological point of view; inequalities … Read more

What is the Meaning of Urban Community

Urban community is something which an individual thought as, an area with high density of population, an area with the availability of basic requirements, an area of good resources, the area has lots of opportunity of employment and such an area which can be considered as life-giving for luxurious desires of human or individual.  The … Read more

What are Social Facts? Explained

social facts-types and meaning

Emile Durkheim, a pioneer of the discipline of Sociology, from France introduced the concept of Social fact. In layman’s terms, anything that restricts the activity of the individual from outside is a social fact. A simple example would be Religion, which influences or restricts individual actions in society. Though the concept has been reasonably criticized … Read more

Impact of green revolution and Social Consequences

Green revolution, the word by itself explains the importance of greenery. The green revolution is started by middle-class peasantry community which had strong love towards the land and trees.  This tradition and process started with a change of generation, change of government, change of ways of administration, change of ways of earning a livelihood, change … Read more