Sociological Research Methods: Qualitative and Quantitative Methods

Research methods and analysis of sociology dealt with techniques to obtain information in a vivid form. Research is carefully observing patterns for searching for new facts or terms in any kind of subject. For example, there are several research centers for obtaining new results for better performance, say Bhabha Atomic Research center which specializes in … Read more

Das Kapital by Karl Marx – Summary and Analysis

Das Kapital was the most important work of Karl Marx which included the criticism of political economy. PART 1  COMMODITIES AND MONEY    CH-1 COMMODITIES A commodity is  an object, a thing which is responsible to satisfy human wants, it has its usefulness, and this usefulness creates a use value of that particular material commodity which … Read more

Protestant ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism : Summary

Max Weber was a German philosopher. He was deeply influenced by many other sociologists and thinkers such as Karl Marx, Immanuel Kant, etc. The Protestant ethic and the spirit of capitalism was regarded as the most important work of Weber. PART 1 – The Problem Religious Affiliation and Social Stratification    According to Weber, if … Read more

Karl Marx’s Alienation Theory: Explained in 1700 words

Strangers to Ourselves: Marx’s Theory of Alienation The current struggle between social classes is not one that exists solely in the present. In fact, it is a culmination of decades of history with academic experts and sociologists on both sides of the spectrum, framing their own hypotheses and battling each other’s, only to create a … Read more