Labour Commitment: Overview

Resources are essential for conducting the activities of the economy in a country which includes capital, raw materials, and pieces of machinery, buildings, transport and importantly man-power. The word ‘commitment’ is so big in value when compared to the word ‘engagement’ which does not show the importance of willingness towards working. Here, we can analyse … Read more

Karl Marx’s Commodity fetishism – Explained with Example

Karl Marx is one of the most influential social thinkers of the 19th century and he is known as the architect of socialism and the champion of communism. Commodity Fetishism in Marx’s application of his analysis of the relationship between a commodity and society as a whole. Fetish was popularly used in the good old … Read more

What is Capitalist Class and Examples

The group of people who own the means of production and employ workers are said to be the ‘capitalist class.’ They have an upper hand in the working society as they tend to derive the work from the workers and labourers and keep the profits. The workers sell their ability and hard work to earn … Read more

Understanding Everything About Bhima Koregaon: The Past and The Present

Bhima Koregaon is a small village situated in Pune, Maharashtra. Although its density in terms of population and place is less its history is full of massive changes. Koregaon is majorly known for the battle which was fought between British East India Company and Peshwa on 1 January 1818. From Peshwa Baji Rao II there … Read more