Dialectical Materialism and Economic Determinism by Karl Marx

Both dialectical materialism and economic determinism form the essential components of the theory of Historical Materialism. The proponents of historical materialism are German Philosopher Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, both of whom are referred to as the champions of communism. This particular theory is also widely known as the “materialistic interpretation of history”. Marx interpreted … Read more

Antonio Gramsci: Biography, Contributions, Cultural Hegemony

This article highlights the key contributions of Antonio Gramsci and pondering over his early life and some of his major works like Cultural Hegemony AN INTRODUCTION TO WHO WAS ANTONIO GRAMSCI  One thinker who completely revolutionised the social fabric of his society with his theory of CULTURAL HEGEMONY  and became the most influential theorist of … Read more

Rosa Luxemburg’s Imperialism: Links to Marxism and Applications

Introduction: With the passage of time, the word ‘imperialism’ and it’s meaning has evolved. The literature available on imperialism indicates that in order to understand the meaning of the imperialism, it is necessary to take into consideration the cultural context. For example, the German meaning attached to imperialism is significantly different from its British meaning. … Read more

Familiarity with Alienation: Karl Marx’s Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844

Introduction In Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844, Karl Marx aims to introduce the concept of ‘estranged labour’ and provide an expansive explanation of how it is interlinked with the concept of alienation, private property, monetary system, and the political economy. In his text, he introduces the four distinct kinds of alienation, that is, alienation of the … Read more