Difference Between Marxism and Neo-Marxism

Marxism and Neo-Marxism Marxism is an idea which originates from Karl Marx’s views on capitalism, the economic structure of the society and dialectical materialism whereby the focus remains on class inequalities and exploitation due to economic hierarchies, the root of which is capitalism. Neo-Marxists generally criticise the monopolistic and oligarchical nature of capitalism rather than … Read more

What is Ecological Marxism (Eco-Marxism)? Explained

Synopsis: Nature and Capitalism are in an enduring conflict as we witness the exploitation of labour and natural resources simultaneously – clearing of forests because of large scale corporatisation and destructiveness disguised as development. Ecological Marxism is a subfield of Sociology which seeks to study the dialectics of nature from a Marxian perspective and challenges … Read more

Dialectical Materialism and Economic Determinism by Karl Marx

Both dialectical materialism and economic determinism form the essential components of the theory of Historical Materialism. The proponents of historical materialism are German Philosopher Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, both of whom are referred to as the champions of communism. This particular theory is also widely known as the “materialistic interpretation of history”. Marx interpreted … Read more


Twentieth-century witnessed increased participation of women in the labor force, post industrial revolution. However, the absence of access to higher education for women was a major hurdle for them to get access to well-paid respectable jobs. The observed increased participation of women in the labor force led to an industrial boom in the 20th century … Read more

Gandhism and Marxism: Similar Objectives, Different Principles

Mahatma Gandhi and Karl Marx Through the Lens of B.R. Ambedkar Mahatma Gandhi and Karl Marx, the two great philosophers of all time, as referred to by many people and prominent scholars, had both conflicting as well as mutual narratives and ideologies that have greatly shaped world politics. This article will majorly focus on the … Read more

Antonio Gramsci: Biography, Contributions, Cultural Hegemony

This article highlights the key contributions of Antonio Gramsci and pondering over his early life and some of his major works like Cultural Hegemony AN INTRODUCTION TO WHO WAS ANTONIO GRAMSCI  One thinker who completely revolutionised the social fabric of his society with his theory of CULTURAL HEGEMONY  and became the most influential theorist of … Read more