David Harvey’s “The Condition of Postmodernity” (1989)

Modernity and Modernism, from David Harvey’s “ The Condition of Postmodernity ” (1989) Marxist geographer David Harvey can be regarded as one of the earliest theorists of the postmodern condition. Harvey, in his book mentioned above, discusses the postmodern condition with respect to various critical ideas that contributed to the epistemology of the postmodern condition. … Read more

Difference Between Karl Marx and Max Weber: Ideologies

Karl Marx and Max Weber: Ideologies and examples Karl Marx is a German Philosopher, economist, social scientist, and revolutionist. He made substantial contributions to the field of sociology also. Max Weber is also a German sociologist who has made great contributions to the field of sociology. Both Karl Marx and Max Weber were considered as … Read more

Sociology of Poverty: Functionalist and Conflict Perspectives

Defining Poverty: Poverty is the state of being financially incapable of affording the essentials for the prevailing standard of living (The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica, 2020). Within this understanding of poverty, the prevailing standard of living and basic human needs, while overlapping are not synonymous. Basic human needs include goods that are necessary for survival, … Read more


Before we dive straight into the relevance of Neo-Marxism in the postmodern world, we need to understand the postmodern world and Neo-Marxism. Hence, we start with some background on the two subjects and then proceed to check for the relevance of Neo-Marxist ideologies in the postmodern world. What is a postmodern world? Though the ideas … Read more

Marxist Perspective on Education – Explained with 980 Words

Marxist perspective on Education: Education is a universal phenomenon. It can exist within distinct, formal organizations like schools and colleges, but an also simultaneously exist in other forms in the confines of our home or other immediate environments. There exist multiple perceptions on education and its effectiveness in our society. An amalgamation of various social … Read more