Book View vs Field View: Meaning, Pros, Cons, Example Works

Book View vs Field View: In sociology, we frequently examine various perspectives such as Functional, Subaltern, Marxist, Civilizational, and many more to understand social reality. In the Indian context, however, there were those who simply used an Indological or textual perspective to understand the Indian rural social structure at the beginning of sociological understanding. But … Read more

Relationship between Sociology and Law

Sociology and Law are two interwoven topics. Society is directly related to sociology, and in this matter, every society follows certain laws. Therefore, laws are an essential part of society. Sociology helps law to better understand society for smoother regulation and formation of laws. Similarly, the law is important to regulate society. Norms, customs, traditions … Read more


CLASSICAL SOCIOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVES: All disciplines study the subject through different perspectives. These help in providing unique or objective insights into the field that is studied. There are many sociological perspectives that have evolved over time across its sub-fields. However, the three classical theories remain popular and applicable to various societies and the interactions within them. … Read more

Emergence and Development of Sociology (Notes): Explained

Orgin and Development of Sociology: The study of sociology attempts to provide a scientific analysis of human social life and its wide-ranging characteristics and systems. Human social life is an intricate system organized in multiple and diverse levels of social domains. The rise of sociology can be correlated to the rise of the term ‘modernity;’ … Read more

What is an Acculturation – Explained with Examples

It is clearly evident that many communities practice different religion and customs stay together in one country. Acculturation is a basic process in which people of different cultures meet people of different cultures. In the process of meeting them, they tend to know each other’s norms, beliefs, customs, values, and behavior. It can be understood … Read more

Accommodation: Definition, Meaning and Examples

Accommodation in simple words means staying together of different individual altogether in a place. People of adaptive nature get themselves comfortable in any place at a faster rate than other people. It is not necessary to not have any conflict between members if they are staying together. But when people are either working for an … Read more