Interesting and Basic Facts about Indian Civil Services

fatcs on indian civil services

    • Implementing The policies laid down by the elected executives is the ultimate Job of the Indian Civil services.
    • Presently we Indian Administrative Service(IAS), had another name before Indian Independence, that is, The Indian civil services.
    • A District Collector has Administrative and magisterial powers, that’s the reason, he is also The Executive magistrate of the district.u
    • Indian Administrative service(IAS), Indian Police Service and The Indian Forest Services combined together called  All India Services.
    • Cabinet Secretary is the highest-ranking civil servant in the country.
    • Chief Secretary is the highest-ranking civil servant in the state.
    • On 9th October, the Indian Foreign service celebrates.
    • On 21st April ,Civil services day observed in India.

Union Public service Commission (UPSC), its a central board, and conducts a competitive exam for recruitment of All India Services, or Civil Services Exam.

  • The only president has a power to appoint the chairman for the Union Public Service Commission(UPSC)
  •  Article 311 can protect the civil service in India from false dismissal, reduction in rank and removal.
  • All India services recruited through two ways, one is with the civil services exam, conducted by the UPSC and the other way is Through state services officer with promotions on the bases of sincerity.
  • All IPS officers can be trained at the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Academy of Administration, located in the Hyderabad city.
  • The Indian Foreign Service formed in the year of 1946, on 9th October. Foreign Secretary of India is the head of the India foreign service
  • The Indian Police Service formed in the year of 1948 on 15th September, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel was the only man responsible for the formation of an IPS training academy in India, he was former deputy prime minister of India.
  • The first post or entry or job for the fresh Indian administrative service officer is the Sub collector level post or Sub Divisional Magistrate.
  • The first post or entry for the trainee IPS officer is the Assistant  Superintendent Police (ASP)
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