Medieval India: Characteristics, social, economic and culture development

medieval India and characteristics Main Characteristics of Medieval India age:

  • The period between ancient and modern ages is generally called medieval India period.
  • In the Medieval Period, the growth of Human development was pushed up to a great extent.
  • The authority of Pope and Church Increased.
  • The Religious Teaching was blindly followed.There was no importance to reasoning in comparison to blind faith.
  • Independent thinking was suppressed.
  • The Religious wars between Christians and Muslims Called Crusades changed the course of European History.
  • The Contact with the Arabs and the Influence of Islam resulted in changes in Literature and science.
  • There was no strong centralized political authority in Europe.
  • On account of the invasion of barbaric tribes, anarchy spread over Europe.
  • Later, Renaissance was started in Europe

Above all are the characteristics of the medieval age of India

The Social, Economic and Culture Life of Medieval India:

Social Development:

  • With the coming of Muslims, the people of different places and different faiths were mixed with the Indian people.
  • The Society was divided into higher, middle and lower classes.
  • The Bhakti and Sufi movements influenced the social-religious life of the people.
  • The Workship of one God, Bhajans and Prayers became popular.

Economic Development in Medieval India:

  • Agriculture was well developed.
  • The Major share of agriculture yield was enjoyed by kings and landlords.
  • Jagir system was prevalent.
  • The Middlemen controlled the sale of products.

Culture Development in Medieval India:

  • The Sanskrit Language was perfected
  • Shad Darshanas were compiled.
  • The Sanskrit Books like Ramayana, Mahabharata, and Panchatantra were translated into many languages during Akbar’s reign.
  • Quran was translated into Persian Language.
  • Kings Encouraged Music and So Instrumental Music was also developed.
  • Amir Khusrau, Baz Bahadur, and his wife Rupamathi were famous Musicians.
  • A new art Known as Indo-Islamic art was born.
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