Artificial intelligence: Meaning, Applications, and Examples

What is Artificial Intelligence

Intelligence is viewed as a gift of nature. But can that be limited only to humans? What significant changes can be brought in the present era if this intelligence is transferred to humans? Here comes artificial intelligence into play. It is shortly regarded as AI.

Meaning of Artificial Intelligence

AI is a branch of computer science making computers behave like a human. Animals and human beings are differentiated on the lines of reasoning power. So computers can be made to act like humans by developing creative reasoning power among them. This helps the machines equipped with decision making powers. With the growing popularity of self-driving cars, election predictions to entertaining people ( an example can be the work of HP to provide Artificial intelligence-based entertainment in PVR malls in NOIDA) the development of artificial intelligence-based technologies are in huge demand.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence can be used for a wide variety of purposes ranging from finance, aviation, to unraveling difficult explorations. Banks can use intelligent software applications to screen and analyze financial data. The software can predict trends in the stock market thereby reducing the dangerous effects of speculation. Even e-commerce giants regarded AI as crucial to make recommendations to users by deploying predictive algorithms that analyze the user’s history. AI with the help of robotics science can help to carry out dangerous explorations in mining or in fire rescue operations which are considered to be dangerous otherwise. Not only this manufacturing process s can be fully automated, maintaining controlled by the computer system. By using neural network AI can be helpful to predict the weather by analyzing the previous weather patterns.
Instances where artificial intelligence  initially deployed:
AI is used in US presidential elections where it predicted that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump would be the presidential candidates. This is done by the AI system called Mog IA based on the analysis of millions of interactions that had taken place on social media platforms. So the judgments can be-be used better to make the maximum out of time., energy, resources in reaching out to the masses.

Another side of the arguments:

AI can destroy 50% of the world’s employment extending its sway on blue and white-collar jobs alike. So can the AI revolution outperform human labor? This can be answered by considering various dimensions of things like Experience, creativity, ethical considerations, etc.

There is no match for the power of thinking or the originality of the creative brains of humans’ brains to that of machines. The intuitive or inherent abilities of human brains cannot be replicated. Moral and emotional values are not present in machines so they are not aware of their wrongdoing.
The high costs of operations coupled with frequent software up-gradation are proving as gray holes in order to carry forward the AI technology.


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