Dhurjati Prasad Mukerji was considered as one of the founding fathers of Indian sociology. He had worked intensively on the middle class of Indian society. He had witnessed different phases and changes in the society due to different nationalist movements. He had crucially worked upon middle class character and its role and its position in … Read more

Famous American and British Sociologists – Contributions

British sociology and American sociology both are perpetuated by British and American sociologists and their theories, Both British and American sociologists were different from classical sociologists and were regarded as contemporary modern sociologists who propounded many sociological theories. Famous American sociologists Talcott Parsons and Robert k Merton Talcott Parsons contributed to the theory of action. … Read more

Max Weber – Methodology, Social Action, Ideal Types

MAX WEBER: THE THEORY OF SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC ORGANISATION   The fundamental concepts of sociology: A concept can be different from reality. It can formulate with what exactly is empirical sociology. DEFINITIONS OF SOCIOLOGY AND SOCIAL ACTION Sociology is defined as a science which gives us the interpretive understanding of social action in order to … Read more

Das Kapital by Karl Marx – Summary and Analysis

Das Kapital was the most important work of Karl Marx which included the criticism of political economy. PART 1  COMMODITIES AND MONEY    CH-1 COMMODITIES A commodity is  an object, a thing which is responsible to satisfy human wants, it has its usefulness, and this usefulness creates a use value of that particular material commodity which … Read more

Protestant ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism : Summary

Max Weber was a German philosopher. He was deeply influenced by many other sociologists and thinkers such as Karl Marx, Immanuel Kant, etc. The Protestant ethic and the spirit of capitalism was regarded as the most important work of Weber. PART 1 – The Problem Religious Affiliation and Social Stratification    According to Weber, if … Read more

What is the concept of Westernization and Explanation

Westernization introduction Sociology in India bears the imprint of western sociology, but differ in the evaluation of the impact of western sociology. Sociology emerged in western society out of a socio-historical background which had its origins in the enlightenment period. However, westernization a term emerged in the Indian context, when India was a colony of … Read more