How to Stop Corruption: Causes and Solutions

Corruption, as we all know, refers to the act of using power to carry out an exertion which is against the laws. It can be an act of bribery, fraud or cases of duping by illegal use of resources. India ranked 80th in the Corruption Perception Index in 2020.

We have spent a massive part of our life, hearing that it is in our blood but the question that arises here is that For how long is it going to take shelter there, when will we get rid of it, When will we say that India is a developed country and not a developing one. Well, the answers to these questions will be discussed in a significant manner.


Looking at our surroundings we see that India has already witnessed a lot of scams due to corruption like 2G, Coalgate, fodder, Commonwealth games scam etc. One may think that what is triggering issues like these continuously. India is the largest democracy in the world and so are its ministers but how many ministers are competent to remain on the posts that they are holding-only a few, so when the teacher is weak what will it teach to the students. We have seen criminals becoming ministers and illiterates running our system. In these circumstances, corruption cases are bound to happen. Secondly, there is a trend as A looks up to B taking bribe who in turn is A’s senior and when A reaches that post He also follows in his boss’s footsteps. The next reason is inefficient monitoring over government offices and firms due to which officials are unafraid of the system and its laws. Flaws in the education system are also giving rise to corruption cases Eg we all have taken pledge during childhood in our schools-“To my country and my people, I pledge my devotion”, But how many of us seriously mean it, How many of us actually understood the meaning of it at that time-The answer is none. We were made to repeat it after our friends without inculcating the essence of moral values that it contains.


The first solution to curb this menace is to have effective parenting. Parents must inculcate a strong sense of nationalism in children so that they remain loyal to this beautiful country, Schools are also supposed to do the same thing-making children comprehend the moral values as hard as they can. Secondly, laws should be made more rigid and those breaking them must be dealt with severity. effective monitoring through modern technologies over government offices will prove to give astonishing results. We the citizens can also play a vital part in resolving this issue, we can spread awareness along with the government-as not to carry out ill-mannered activities like these. Next is online portals handling grievances of employees must be taken into account and help them resolve the problem that they have with the system-If we will take care of our employees then that will install a sense of belongingness in them which will result in a higher performance by them. Anti-corruption bureau must come with new measures to deal with the issue like some helping numbers that will help the victims effectively. If we implement some of the measures listed above, definitely the day is not far when India’s name will shine in the names of developed countries with leading economies.

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