What is Democracy in simple words, Problems and Reasons

Democracy infers to the form of government ruled by its own people. The country’s citizens are solely responsible for the formation of a governing body by exercising their power to directly elect their representative by the majority rule. It is derived from the Greek words demos meaning “common people” and kratos meaning “strength”.  India is the biggest democracy in the world.

Sovereignty is the basic feature underlying democracy. It means that the governance of a country is done by its own people without any outside interference. It works on the principle of equality which states that all the citizens are equal before the law without any discrimination based on the grounds of religion, caste, creed, race, sex, etc.

Federalism is also an important feature of democracy. According to the federal system, the powers of the government are divided between national, state and local governments where the representatives are again in turn chosen by the people for the better welfare of the people.

Collective responsibility is also a notable feature of democracy. The Council of Ministers elected by the people are collectively responsible for their actions and no minister alone will be responsible for any act of the government.

Democracy works on the principle of formation of opinion. The government and all the concerned authorities should take decisions on the basis of public opinion by providing people with an appropriate platform to express their opinions publicly without any fear because the Constitution itself has given them the right to do so and no government authority can snatch the right.

Democracy can be strengthened by people’s actions and beliefs. The citizens should vote and actively participate in the election process to bring out a change in society. They should make their voices be heard by the government by communicating with the concerned officials regarding the issues they are facing in order to strengthen democracy.

Democracy is a true blessing given to the citizens by the patriots and hence, the main thing is to be done is to realize and appreciate the true value of democracy so that the country can progress and turn into a better nation.

In many countries, With the Democracy system, they are facing so many democracy problems, counties like Britain, the US, and many European countries. Most of the people unhappy with democracy.

 Here are some reasons:
1. This type of government unable to satisfy the need of its country people
2. people thinking that the government is not looking for care of local serious problems like crimes, cleanliness and road repairs, no jobs, etc.
3. Because of corruption, casteism, nepotism, communalism, regionalism, etc. Due to these problems.
4.Due to red tapes.
5.Due to middle persons like party funders.
6.Lack of Education for leaders in a democracy.

7.Due to Many Political parties In Country.
8.Lack of Cooperation in Government Bodies
In the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, was removed communalism by their movements, pro-democracy actions have been successful in toppling authoritarian regimes. But in some countries, democracy is not a reality like China is the example, favored movement early launched in 1989, in some countries like Africa and Afghanistan, Iraq and some Arab countries.

Conclusion: since if we are not strict about our ethics and moral values, leaders and big people are exploiting us and rich becoming rich.What about poor people?

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