Constitution Concepts: Types Of Majority in Country

In the Indian Parliament, the decisions are taken by the majority. The decision can be anything like the passing of budget, motions, and resolutions, amendment of the constitution, etc. The Indian parliament has devised four types of the majority. They are 1. SIMPLE MAJORITY 2. EFFECTIVE MAJORITY 3. ABSOLUTE MAJORITY 4. SPECIAL MAJORITY Before going … Read more

What is Democracy in simple words, Problems and Reasons

Democracy infers to the form of government ruled by its own people. The country’s citizens are solely responsible for the formation of a governing body by exercising their power to directly elect their representative by the majority rule. It is derived from the Greek words demos meaning “common people” and kratos meaning “strength”.  India is … Read more

Domestic Violence : Meaning, Causes and Types

Domestic violence has been greatly neglected by the psychologists and sociologists. The issue came much into the mainstream with the television program called Satyamev Jayate titled” danger at home”. According to a survey done by the Ministry of Health and FamiWelfare, Government of India and the planning commission in 2013 it was revealed at around … Read more

What is Cultural Pluralism: Explained with Examples

Cultural Pluralism can be defined as an arrangement in a society where multiple smaller cultures assimilate in mainstream society but also maintain their cultural uniqueness without being homogenised by the dominant culture. The difference in cultural pluralism can be observed between homogeneous societies like Israel, Japan, South Korea which have only one dominant culture and … Read more