short note of national integration and meaning

 In order to understand National Integration, it is important to know what a nation means in the first place. A Nation is not just only a geographical entity but in addition, it represents the body of people sharing sentiments of. Irrespective of religion, language, creed differences one will wish to be ready to serve the Nation in this emotional oneness against the evil forces.
It is a positive belief that helps in development and progress of a particular nation. It is a positive aspect and reduces the socio-cultural and economic differences or inequalities and strengthens National Unity and solidarity, which is not imposed by any authority.But the factors of Regionalism, communalism, religious Fanaticism, are posing a severe threat to It. Regional Aspirations of the people articulated by their leaders threaten national integration. For example, the regional aspirations and loyalty hurt the feelings of a nation is expressed in extreme form. And even communal differences between the Hindus and Muslims which is evident from the communal riots that occurred in Bihar, Assam, and Gujarat are destroying the feeling of oneness.
So national integration can be achieved only with the combined efforts of all individuals with collective efforts of Government to solve the threats mentioned above thereby securing the National interests.
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