Social Medicine: A complementary to Medical science 

Decades ago being sick was a medical phenomenon and no other discipline had anything to intervene there. Medical Science engrossed this field. But during the 18th and 19th century, various other discipline started to intervene in the medical field. Public Health emerged to ensure peoples health rights and define risk factors, distribution, the pathogenesis of … Read more

Sociology of Education: Meaning, Scope, Importance, Perspectives

Synopsis: This article explores the discipline of Sociology of Education, a branch of the broader subject of Sociology, through its meaning, history of development, significance, differences with Educational Sociology, and scope. It also portrays how education can be examined using the three main theoretical perspectives in sociology. What is Sociology of Education? To understand what … Read more

Sociology Optional Notes: Family and Marriage in India

Family and Marriage in India: The Indian population is set to cross the Chinese population by the year 2040 and in turn, become the largest population on the planet. In this present day scenario, family planning has become an important issue for one to discuss in the country as the rise in population will have … Read more

Sociological Interview : The process of interview (methodology) and Types

The primary purpose of sociological research is to investigate and provide insights into how human society functions. Sociologists use empirical evidence and theoretical foundation providing an interpretive perspective and combine it using the scientific method to present proper results of the research. A Sociologist begins by asking questions about human behavior and Society. An in-depth … Read more

Karl Polanyi: Biography, Contributions, The Great Transformation

Karl Polanyi was born on October 25, 1886, in the capital of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Vienna. He founded the Galileo circle at the University of Budapest and actively participated along with a group of intellectuals to emancipate the potential of Social Science which had an immense impact on the Hungarian intellectual life. In 1908, Polanyi … Read more

C. Wright Mills: Biography, Contributions, Conflict Theory

Charles Wright Mills was an American sociologist and a professor of sociology at the Columbia University; he was born in 1916 and died in 1962, living a life of 46 years. Mills was a known figure in the popular and intellectual journals; he wrote several books which highlighted several the relationships among the American elite … Read more