Communism and Socialism: Meaning and Differences Between Them

As per the classic definition prevalent, Communism is related to a community who own all the resources and in this system, every person works and gets as per his needs only but in Socialism, there is a discussion of societal problems and it is basically related to the functioning of the entire human society. It … Read more

Capitalism and Socialism: Meaning and Differences Between Them

Capitalism is a formal system of government wherein the country’s trade is under private ownership and they do the trade with the sole purpose of earning profit but under Socialism, the production, distribution, and regulation of the products should be done by a group as a whole and not individually. Capitalism propagates economic freedom which … Read more

Peasant Movements in Independent India

India is famous for its colorful and delicious cuisines and delicacies. It is a land of varied types of crops and spices. The farmers who do agriculture in India stand the highest place with the majority of the occupation that is seen in the country. Still, the condition of the farmers is becoming adverse day … Read more

Types of Religion : sacramental, prophetic and mystical

Types of Religion Problems are universal in this world, humans are continuously making efforts to understand those problems, but there are still such problems which are still beyond the reach and thoughts. Humans can make biological reason which can explain the reasons for the birth of a human but cannot explain the concepts behind the … Read more

Pratham Pratishruti of Ashapurna Devi: A Feminist’s Representation

Ashapurna Devi, a prominent Bengali novelist, born in 1909, in the colonial India which just got jolted by the wave of enlightenment. All of her writings focused on the existing gender discrimination and the emergence and evolution of middle-class Bengali women-their oppression, position, consciousness and conscientiousness, inspirations and of course their fight. She traces how … Read more

Juvenile Delinquency and Parental Role

The term juvenile delinquency applies to violation of criminal code and certain patterns of behavior that are not approved for children and young adolescents. Juvenile delinquency involves wrong doing by a child or a young person who is under an age specified by the law. Juvenile delinquent is a person who is below 16 years … Read more

Protestant ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism : Summary

Max Weber was a German philosopher. He was deeply influenced by many other sociologists and thinkers such as Karl Marx, Immanuel Kant, etc. The Protestant ethic and the spirit of capitalism was regarded as the most important work of Weber. PART 1 – The Problem Religious Affiliation and Social Stratification    According to Weber, if … Read more