Sociology of Law: Origin, Subject Matter and Developments

Synopsis: This article gives a brief overview of the broad subject matter of Sociology of Law. By understanding how the multifaceted sub-discipline varies from the traditional approaches, exploring how sociology can be used in different ways in legal studies, and providing various modern approaches to socio-legal discourses, the article aims to explain how sociology and law … Read more

What is Social Stratification? Definition, Types, Theories and Examples

Social Stratification: Introduction and Overview A society where stratification does not exist is a sentence which will always be illogical and untrue. Now the question is what stratification is. A system which has been followed by society from a generation in which there is some kind of classification between people in the name of race, … Read more

M.N.Srinivas Biography and Contribution to indian sociology

M.N Srinivas full name Mysore Narasimhachar Srinivas. He was born in 1916 in Mysore and passed away in 1999 in Bangalore. He was one of the best Indian sociologists. He was a Brahmin. His studies are prominent in the area of caste and its other classifications, Sanskritization and many other topics that revolve around caste … Read more

Industrial Sociology: Overview

Industrial Sociology is a relatively young branch of sociology. While Durkheim and Max Weber made some analysis of industrial institutions, industrial sociology as a separate branch got its push due to the famous experiments at Hawthorne Works in Chicago, of the Western Electric Company, conducted by George Elton Mayo and his associates between 1924 and … Read more

Three Sociological Perspectives to Understand Fashion

Sociology of Fashion: To understand fashion as a sociological phenomenon this paper will utilise three different perspectives ranging from micro theory to macro theories to how fashion as a cultural phenomenon has evolved. The former involves a concentration on individual interactions and how fashion is used as a tool that controls the nature of those … Read more

Emergence and Development of Sociology (Notes): Explained

Orgin and Development of Sociology: The study of sociology attempts to provide a scientific analysis of human social life and its wide-ranging characteristics and systems. Human social life is an intricate system organized in multiple and diverse levels of social domains. The rise of sociology can be correlated to the rise of the term ‘modernity;’ … Read more

The subject matter and Importance of Studying Sociology

subject matter and importance of sociology

Subject matter: Anything that comes in society and performs certain functions becomes a part of Society. Sociology plays an important role to understand society and human behaviour. It tries to answer all the questions that human will certainly question themselves at some point in their lives. How did society emerge? How has it changed since … Read more