Sociology of Poverty: Functionalist and Conflict Perspectives

Defining Poverty: Poverty is the state of being financially incapable of affording the essentials for the prevailing standard of living (The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica, 2020). Within this understanding of poverty, the prevailing standard of living and basic human needs, while overlapping are not synonymous. Basic human needs include goods that are necessary for survival, … Read more

Social Groups: Definition, Types, Importance, Examples

Definition: A social group refers to two or more individuals who share a common social identification, and who perceive themselves to be members of the same social category Hence, the shared perception or understanding that the individual feels as though they belong to a group is instrumental in defining a social group. It is this … Read more

10 Famous Leftist Writers From India You Should Know

Leftist writers: ‘The left’ is a broad term that describes a set of politics and ideologies that advocate egalitarianism or state control of the major institutions of political and economic life (Editors of Encyclopedia, 2020). Historically, the divide between left and right can be traced back to the seating arrangements French National Assembly during the … Read more

Social Mobility: Meaning, Types, Examples, Causes, Factors, Importance

Social mobility refers to the movement of individuals or groups in social positions over time Definition: Social stratification is the system by which society categorises people and ranks them in a hierarchy. If one were to consider society to resemble the ranks of a ladder, wherein higher rungs represent higher in the hierarchy; then the position … Read more

Sociology of Immigration

Abstract: Immigration is a highly complex sociological phenomenon, it is affected by a number of factors including international law, sovereignty, borders, security and power dynamics. Additionally, immigration, as it stands today, differs greatly since the first wave of mass immigration in the 1800s. Through tracing the history of mass immigration and paying attention to two … Read more