5 Best Sociological Documentaries: Analysis and Examples

Introduction: Documentaries offer an audio-visual look into the discipline of sociology which allows for an intimate understanding of the subject, in a way that text often can not. Sociological documentaries are accessible and enjoyable to both individuals pursuing their education in the field, as well as to those who have a more casual interest in … Read more

5 Must Watch Motivational Documentaries That Will Change Your Life

Documentaries are non-fiction movies based on reality which are often used to reveal uncommon, interesting and covers unknown areas. Most documentaries are on those stories that have been left or not given much attention by the mainstream media. Nowadays, mostly they are easily found on Netflix, Amazon Prime and Youtube. Watching Documentaries helps the person … Read more

Documentary: Meaning, Types of Documentary Films and Modes

According to Webster’s dictionary, “documentary” consists of written down documents. A documentary, according to Wikipedia, is a non-fictional motion picture that is intended to preserve a historical record by documenting some aspects of reality. In this regard, Bill Nicholas’s classic book, titled “Introduction to Documentary’ can be mentioned. He identifies six genres or types of … Read more