Normalising Commercial Female-centric Films

Through the analysis of Jyothika’s Jackpot Relevance of female-centric Films  Female-centric films can be understood as films that follow the lives of women. Recently, the term has come to mean a film with a female lead and a heavy, touching message. These movies are important in our society as they portray empowered women who can … Read more


Blade Runner (1982) by Ridley Scott, is a science fiction film that is set in a dystopian future world (Los Angeles) that is overridden with Urban Density artificiality and has seen human colonisation beyond the planet Earth. It’s loosely based on Philip K. Dick’s novel “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?”. Genetic and Bioengineering is … Read more

5 Best Sociological Documentaries: Analysis and Examples

Introduction: Documentaries offer an audio-visual look into the discipline of sociology which allows for an intimate understanding of the subject, in a way that text often can not. Sociological documentaries are accessible and enjoyable to both individuals pursuing their education in the field, as well as to those who have a more casual interest in … Read more

10 Movies with Sociological issues: Analyze Movies Sociologically

Movies have played a vital role in our lives ever since they were introduced as a form of artistic expression. They play a huge part in entertainment, representation, raising of awareness, and exploring aspects of society that were previously unventured. Sociological analysis of movies helps to discover and examine various aspects of movies that cater … Read more