10 Movies with Sociological issues: Analyze Movies Sociologically

Movies have played a vital role in our lives ever since they were introduced as a form of artistic expression. They play a huge part in entertainment, representation, raising of awareness, and exploring aspects of society that were previously unventured. Sociological analysis of movies helps to discover and examine various aspects of movies that cater … Read more


Synopsis: This article tries to provide a sociological analysis and understanding of five movies which deal with themes essential in sociology. Movies are a great way of representing our society–its functioning, institutions, and social changes. Sociology even has a particular sub-discipline focusing on film analysis. While some movies concentrate only on providing entertainment, others use … Read more

Psychological Analysis of Five Movies in 2800 Words

Synopsis: An analysis of a variety of psychological concepts employed in film from Trauma and Delusions to Stigmas and the Psychological distress experienced by one’s support system. Introduction: Film has always been an evocative way to introduce huge swathes of people to psychological concepts that require their own space in colloquial discourse. It encourages empathy … Read more


Diplomacy and all of its associated procedures are frequently depicted in films about international politics. As a result, the following list seeks to condense the most intriguing, inspirational, but also critical films about diplomats, diplomatic operations, and overt and covert discussions into 10 selections. The list is not intended to represent any political viewpoint. In … Read more

5 Indian Movies based on caste discrimination – Must Watch

Synopsis: 5 films displaying caste dynamics and discriminations, an overview of their plots, a comment on their depiction of caste and the overwhelming critical reviews. Caste discrimination as depicted in Indian cinema Indian cinema, has, for decades, appropriated and/or erased the stories of Dalits. Their stories, when represented, were often told by upper caste men … Read more

Asuran and Vada Chennai Movies: What you need to know!

Asuran and Vada Chennai – Movies: Over the years, Vetrimaaran has established himself as one of our country’s best filmmakers. He has portrayed various social issues sensitively in his films while not comprising on quality and ensuring that they are entertaining and not preachy – something that is hard to achieve. He is unafraid to … Read more