What is Social Crime or Social Bandit

social crime or social bandit. The term social bandit was invented by Eric Hobsbawm.
 Social bandit is one of the most important issues regarding the social disorder. Firstly people need to be aware of its consequences, in terms of religion and law. Once people are aware of its consequences, there is likely to a reduction. One of the main agenda of our age is to find a way to prevent these crimes.
  We all have a basic picture of what social crime mainly due to media and movies but the origin has a much deeper root. Social crime has been around for many generations. Indeed the work bandit itself comes from the ‘Italian’ which means a man who is on the outside of the society. In opposition to dealing with crime as it comes it may be better for a particular society to tackle the root cause of social banditry instead of outright policing. Traditional speaking policing policies have mainly consisted of specific strategies to control criminals.
  ‎On one side where some people are willing to give their lives to fight for their cause then we have to admit that it can be virtually impossible to police. All we can do is to educate people from an early age and hope that no groups develop with grudges that it leads to damaging criminal activity.
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