Migration for Education and Employment: Exploring the impact of Social and Cultural Capital among Indian students

“The point of my work is to show that culture and education are not simply hobbies or minor influences. They are hugely important in the affirmation of difference between groups and social classes and in the reproduction of these differences.’’ – Pierre Bourdieu Abstract: This paper is an analysis of migration of Indian students from … Read more

George Ritzer: Globalization, McDonaldization, Americanisation

George Ritzer and the three ‘izations’: Globalization, McDonaldization, and Americanisation George Ritzer (born June 1, 1937) is an American sociologist and Professor of Sociology at the University of Maryland. His work has been influential in the development of sociological thinking, while his contributions contribute to diverse fields such as sociology, anthropology, and political science. He … Read more

The Civilising Process by Norbert Elias – Summary

Norbert Elias, born on June 22, 1897, in Wroclaw, was a sociologist who defined the emergence of Western culture as a complicated evolutionary process. His most well-known major book, Über den Prozess der Zivilisation (1939; The Civilising Process: The History of Manners). Elias studied medicine, philosophy, and sociology. He taught at Heidelberg and Frankfurt universities. … Read more

Gail Omvedt: Biography, Works, Contributions

Gail Omvedt as she would describe herself in three simple English terms was a writer, researcher and activist to put it simply. However, the body politic of the numerous grassroots movements that she has contributed to in various capacities as well as several social scientists and students who have been inspired by her life and … Read more

George Ritzer: Biography, Works and Contributions

George Ritzer is an American sociologist best known for his studies on globalisation, Mcdonaldisation, post-modern theory and consumption patterns. He had a very extensive academic career, most of it being a visiting professor in numerous universities. This essay will elaborate on a few of his concepts- globalisation, Mcdonaldisation, Nothing and Something, and cultural hybridisation. George … Read more