The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life: Explained with Examples

This article explores how the self develops and portrays itself in everyday situations. Introduction The way one presents themselves in society is of utmost importance. It paves the way for how people perceive them and, consequently, how they perceive themselves. One must have a constant good self-image which will allow others to be fond of … Read more


Religion can be explained as a relationship between human beings and a power ( supernatural). This relationship includes beliefs, practices, and customs, and usually involves devotional and ritual observances. It comprises sacred texts which refer to the moral order of human conduct and several verses, essays, and sayings which help as a guidance towards the … Read more

The Social Construction of Reality – Summary Notes

The Social Construction of Reality Part 1: The Reality of Everyday Life The basic purpose is to sociologically analyze the concept of reality, but the understanding reality is quite the task. The approach to understanding reality should be through common sense as reality is available to the members of the society who possess common sense. … Read more

Karl Marx and Dr B R Ambedkar : Ideologies

Two of the most popular thinkers who raised their voice against the oppressed sections – socially or economically – are B.R. Ambedkar and Karl Marx. Ambedkar worked for the cause of the lower castes in the Indian context while Marx upheld the cause of the economically less powerful people belonging to the working class. Ambedkar … Read more

10 Famous Sociological Associations Around the World

Introduction Many Sociological associations around the world are dedicated to broadening the scope and subject matter of sociology. Their work to improve Sociology as a scientific and systematic study of human society. The following are some important sociological associations around the world.  List of Sociological Associations International Sociological Association Origin and activities The historical backdrop … Read more

Why Dr Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar Needs to be Recognised as the True Father of the Nation

In India, it is almost impossible to imagine one not having heard the name of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. He, who is widely regarded as the ‘father of the nation’ in India had been elevated to the title of a ‘Mahatma’ or a ‘great soul’. Having followed the path of non-violence and Satyagraha, he was recognised … Read more