Terrorism: Meaning,Definition and Examples

Terrorism, in other words, can be also called as threat or ending of mankind in the world. There has never been an exact definition of terrorism but many researchers agreed to a point that terrorism is when something is terribly wrong or hazardous happening to the society.

It is the ways in which a group of a man of the different country uses arms and terror attacks to create a ruckus in the daily life, thus creating an unbalance in the economy, political and most important taking lakhs of innocent lives.

It is said that origin of terrorism is seen in the late 18th century, i.e. during the French revolution. Earlier there have been many wars where many lives were lost. But the difference of being told about war earlier makes it different from terrorism.

The term has gained massive popularity when there was an attack on New York City and Washington DC. The recent attack was on Mumbai city of India where people gathered infamous Taj Hotel got attacked and killed. Many soldiers achieved the glory of martyrdom.

Regular attacks for the political purpose where one country can overpower another country also comes under terrorism. For example, Syria regularly faces the terror attacks and a heart-wrenching story made its place in every social media. There was a five-year-old child who was brutally injured and he was constantly saying that he will tell everything to god.

Michael Walzer in 2002 has given the definition of terrorism in which he states that it is the most foolish way in which some group of people under a leader deliberately kills innocent people. For example, in Muslim countries, many people are directed in a wrong direction by some leader. They will be fed with wrong notions; they are generally said that their god will be happy if they kill other religion people. Although the truth is that no religion teaches or encourages any terrorist activity but human beings have molded it for their own benefit so that they can rule over communities or say countries.

It has been viewed in many times over the time depending on the country. For example, a country which is the most financially stable and ranked as first in security i.e. USA will face terrorist attack as a non-political terrorism because no country can harm the USA to a level where there will be harm to the political agenda and country. It will be a disorder that too for a short interval of time. If we take weak countries regarding security like Syria or Iraq, the terrorist activity falls under Political Terrorism and this means a severe case of disorder in every aspect which can lead to the distortion of the whole country. There are other type’s too viz. civil disorder, quasi-terrorism, limited political terrorism, structural terrorism etc.

Now the question arises what is the motivation for terrorism because there are many suicide cells too which kill themselves for their particular agenda. Many groups like Al-Qaida strategized terrorist attacks to grab everybody attention towards their problems and agony which are not treated properly. Although it is a wrong method, still in the feeling of revenge there are attacks.

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